The Maryland Running guide is a resource for runners looking for information about the people, places, and events that make up the Maryland running community. The guide was started in 1996 as the most comprehensive resource about running events in the state of Maryland. In August of 1997, the site won the monthly Run the Planet award and was even featured in of all places an Italian running magazine called Podismo.  
In the summer of 2000 the website removed the event calendar and became just a general resource to links about running around Maryland. In the fall of 2002, site was renamed the Maryland Running Guide and was launched with a new look and feel with a return of the event calendar. No event calendar on the Internet provides the amount of events in Maryland that the Maryland Running Guide does.
 We make every effort to make the Maryland Running Guide as complete and accurate as possible. However, Maryland is a big state and it is difficult for us to know of every great place to run or group to run with. If you find something missing, let us know. We will gladly consider all suggestions.

Event listings on our event calendar are free.

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